Welcome to F:E:D - [fresh electronic delivery]
Lots to showcase this month. Here we go.

Have some time to start a new world -Let's get into Spore. Two kick butt reels - Gkaster & Sebastien Cannone. Good design Sean K. Some fun stuff at Glitschka. Sam Dallyn showcases work. Really dug the look at Level 2D. Props to the team at Daddy. Interface bliss from 8020. Loving g94's rollovers for Uplay.

Rock Your Look
Warm up your vocals this is an interactive karaoke video contest. The winner gets to take the stage at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards - so by all means bring your A game. Site by Grow Interactive.

Mentos Kiss Fight
The 3d characters in this site look great, the art direction is just right for this. Get past some loading in of assets and this feature is a lot of fun.

Christophe Huet
Props for photoshop work. Cruise through the Making Of area and slide the control to go from normal to amazing. He also offers a Zoom track on a lot of the photo work.

Factory Design Labs
This is one of those sites that is pretty simple at it's core, but does some nice transitions to keep it peppy. The slight use of semi 3d bringing in the sections is fresh and quick

Really solid flash for Brastilo. Operation is on point and feels like they hit the mark. Plus their products look amazing as usual.

Motorola - Public Safety Solutions
Super cool video fly through into the city. When the video loaded and dropped down the hill and took off into the city, I knew this needed to be shared. Great work!

Check the card stack approach. Click to reveal more and more layers about the company. Reminds me a bit of the ol' Pantone chips flying by our boy IAAH.

Mercedes-Benz Viano
Beauty within. Check out all the magical scenes and the mini globe with the Mercedes driving around winding roads while it spins and changes landscape flawlessly! Fantastic work.

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